Fruit Ave 

Fruit Ave is a family owned, family friendly, espresso and juice bar. Not only do we specialize in providing excellent coffee and juice but we also strive to introduce the High Desert to exciting and innovative treats like the extremely popular Chamango and decadent Bionico.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new! Our goal is to provide high quality treats at affordable prices. Our produce is fresh and we take great care in only using the best quality and best tasting fruits and vegetables in all of our products whether you are having a fruit bowl, smoothie, juice, or raspado. We are so dedicated to providing you with the best that we even prepare the syrups for our ever popular raspados (Mexican shaved ice) with fresh fruits, juices, and real cane sugar. No high fructose corn syrups here! And lets not forget that our espresso is the worlds best! We use only the best espresso to provide you with a consistently delicious cup of coffee. We have something for everyone and you’ll definitely find something to call your favorite! Our friendly staff is here to help and will help you find exactly the treat that you are looking for.